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„Only when I lost my eyesight, I realized, that the view projects to the outside. It is the ear, that leads us to the inner world.“

-Claire Bartoli


Music has held a deep fascination for me since my early childhood, largely influenced by growing up in a family of passionate musicians. Both of my parents pursued music studies, and my own journey with music commenced at the age of six when I began playing the piano.

As I progressed, I realized that merely following sheet music couldn't fully satisfy my musical aspirations. It was during this phase that I ventured into the realm of musical improvisation, which eventually led me to compose my own original pieces.

Simultaneously, my love for cinema and the captivating role of music within it became increasingly apparent. This newfound passion ignited my curiosity to delve deeper into the intricacies of film music production. Consequently, I started composing orchestral music, aspiring to create scores that could enhance the cinematic experience.

Surprisingly, the opportunity to compose a set of ten original pieces arose sooner than I had anticipated. These compositions were crafted for an art exhibition in my hometown, where they were performed during the vernissage alongside the unveiling of the artist's paintings. This experience proved to be pivotal in my life, igniting a burning desire to pursue formal education and a career as a composer for film, media, and the world of art.

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Rescoring PT 5: Opus 2 Walter Ruttmann

Rescoring PT 5: Opus 2 Walter Ruttmann

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