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„Only when I lost my eyesight, I realized, that the view projects to the outside. It is the ear, that leads us to the inner world.“

-Claire Bartoli


Music fascinates me since I was a child, due to growing up in a family full of musicians. My parents studied both music and I started playing the piano when I was six years old. 

At some point, just playing scores wasn't enough for me and I started to improvise, that resulted in composing my own little pieces. 


Meanwhile I discovered my passion for movies and the music in it.

This made me want to find out how this music is produced and I began to compose orchestral music.


A little bit sooner than expected, I got the opportunity to compose ten small pieces for an exhibition by an artist in my hometown. This was later on presented on a vernissage with the release of her paintings. I think that was actually the key point in my life, which made me want to study and work as a composer for movies, media and art.

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Rescoring PT 5: Opus 2 Walter Ruttmann

Rescoring PT 5: Opus 2 Walter Ruttmann

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Scoring for Film and Media



DJ Ausrüstung


Interested in working together?

Are you looking for original music for your film, video game, ensemble or event?

  I look forward to collaborating with you!

Fill out the form below with some info about your project or request and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Please allow a couple days for me to respond.


Wichertstraße 67, 10439 Berlin, Deutschland


Hello and thanks for your interest!

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